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Spring 2011 by Nicole Smith "Union Road Wine Trail"

Next, a short drive took us up a dirt path to Maloy O'Neill Vineyards and its old-English stone tasting room situated at the top of a very windy hill overlooking 30 acres of vines.  Inside, we tasted some of our favorite wines of the day, ranging from a buttery, but low oak chardonnay to a big 2007 red blend called Enzo.

The 2007 Gioi (pronounced joy), a delicious smelling Super Tuscan blend, was the winner of our trip and we could not resist taking home a bottle.  At Maloy O'Neill, if you find a wine you like, scoop it up quickly, because although owner and winemaker Shannon O'Neill makes about 5,000 cases of wine a year, he makes many different types in limited quantities.

Here Comes the Guide!

Here Comes the Guide, the premeir source for wedding locations throughout California recently did a site visit at Maloy O'Neill Vineyards, and as a result we were part of their new locations spotlight.

14 Apr 2008 by  
We all love “new,” right? New cars, new clothes, new guy (Ok, you’re probably past that one.) To prove our love of all things “new,” we’ve added a fresh crop of ceremony, wedding and rehearsal dinner locations to the Here Comes The ...
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San Luis Obispo Tribune  Wine Notes: Maloy O'Neill Offers Plenty of Choices by Janis Switzer: 
If you ask Shannon O'Neill how many wines he makes, be prepared for a long answer. "I do seven cabs a year, five syrahs, three French blends, petit, merlot, a couple of zins, muscat, four desert wines, and a couple of whites," he answers. Is that it? "Oh, and we have malbec and tempranillo, too." In all, Maloy O'Neill Vineyards in Paso Robles offers up to 36 wines each year -- all within a total production of 5,000 cases. click here for the rest of the article