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Other historical footnotes of Paso Robles:

Paso Robles is sometimes referred to as the wild west of the California wine industry, but ironically Paso Robles does have a connection to the wild west that most people don't know about. The famous outlaw Jessie James had more than one relative who lived and owned property in the area. Dury James, Jesse's uncle lived on a ranch in the Adelaida District from 1868 to 1909. Another relative, Dr. Woodson James, operated a hotel at the Sulfur Hot Springs in town. History has it that Jessie and his brother Frank were frequent visitors at the Dury Ranch, which was known as La Ponza Ranch. One such visit had Jessie laid up at the Sulfur Hot Springs , recovering from a gunshot wound he sustained during a train heist. Its there that his cousin Zeralda nursed him back to health and they eventually ended up getting married. The old timers in town remembered him as drinker and gambler that was rumored to hang out at the old Paso Robles Inn. Jessie felt safe knowing that the maze of tunnels under the old inn allowed him ample escape routes if the need ever arose. In spite of the nationwide manhunt to capture Jessie, he managed to allude the best of them, and escape back to Missouri with a new identity, only to be shot in the back by one of his friends. I bet he'd wish he stayed in Paso Robles!