Wine Education, Seminars and Tours &

Corporate Training and Team Building

Awaken Your Senses!
Our palates are able to detect hundreds of aromas. Learn to think and remember with your nose. Designed to awaken you senses, you will experience the wine via sight, smell, taste, touch, and even hearing. This tasting experience educates you to the many fascinating organic components that exist in wines. Our Wine Educator will help you train your palate to identify, describe and remember the complex aromas and flavors that create the character of wine.

$30 per person, $25 per person Cellar Club
Duration is 1 hour
Call for an appointment - 10 person minimum

Dynamics of Food & Wine
Experience a cutting edge approach to keeping food and wine in balance, and learn the culinary tools that all the great chefs know. This class takes you beyond red meat with red wine and fish with white. You must take this course if you are serious and passionate about wine and food.

$45 per person, $40 per person Cellar Club
Duration is 1 ½ hours
Call for an appointment - 10 person minimum

Harvest Crush!
We have folks wanting to join in the madness of the harvest each and every year. Time and again they tell us it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. You and your team can now experience the crush and apply lessons learned to your own business environment, or take the plunge for your own personal development with a group of friends. The ability to make effective decisions under the constraints of time and resources are made sharply obvious in the friendly competition. In this fun game teams are challenged to a grape stomp with bare feet as quickly as they are able, and then thay have to get the extracted juices into a small container using only the tool kit provided. The team with the most juice wins. We’ll toast to that!

For groups of 10 or more; pricing starts at $1,500, Cellar Club Members receive a 10% discount.
Duration 2 hours.
Call for an appointment

Blend it Up!
A Wine Blending Workshop stimulating interaction and excitement as each attendee blends a bottle of wine from selected varietals. Each participant will take home a 375-ml bottle of wine with a customized label and signature by the "winemaker" to commemorate the experience. A great team building or relationship enhancing workshop!

In this workshop, you and your guests will be elevated into the esteemed ranks of winemakers as they experience for themselves, the thrills and frustrations of winemaking. Working with selected varietals, each guest will create a wine blend she/he feels is the best after working through various options.

The Wine Blending Workshop will create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime, giving them confident, competent wine knowledge and change the way they view wine and the winemaking experience. Includes one on one time with the winemaker, Shannon O’Neill.

Your guests will take home a bottle of wine and great memories!

$65 per person, $58 per person for Cellar Club

Call for an appointment - 10 person minimum

Are You Listed?

Wine List Navigation
Would you like to navigate a wine list like a pro? Expand your wine knowledge with a look “Inside the Cellar.” Learn wine vocabulary, and food pairing fundamentals. Know what the sommelier is doing and what you are supposed to do. Also master how to open a bottle of wine like professional.

$30 per person, $25 for Cellar Club Members
Duration 1 hour

Call for an appointment - 10 person minimum

Plan your next corporate team building trip to beautiful Paso Robles and include a day long wine edutainment experience at Maloy O’Neill Winery. Choose from the following packages or ask us to custom blend to find your individual needs. 
PRIVATE RESERVE                             
  • Sensory Analysis course
  • Private Blending
  • Dynamics of Food & Wine followed by….
A multi-course lunch or dinner
Cost: $3500 for up to 10 people
Additional people charged at $350 per person
  • Winery Tour
  • Wine Processes
  • Barrel Samples
  • Wine Challenge
  • Wine list navigation
A multi-course lunch or dinner
Cost: $3000 for up to 10 people
Additional people charged at $300 per person
  • Wineyard Tour and Seminar and Steinbeck Vineyards
  • Picnic lunch
  • Vineyard Tour at Maloy O’Neill
  • Varietal Experience
Wine and Cheese reception at Maloy O’Neill
Cost: $2500 for up to 10 people
Additional people charged at $250 per person
Ask about our special Harvest Crush edition – available only in the months of September and October. Book now for 2010!
For an additional charge, we can augment the Maloy O’Neill experience with additional corporate training and/or tours and activities in beautiful Paso Robles or other areas on the Central Coast. Tour arrangements for your group including hotel & restaurant reservations also available upon request.
For more information or to book your trip, please contact Lisa Leopard at 805-238-6430 or email